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320 pages

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2010 – New Memoirs About Funny Happenings at High Places in Government Will Agitate, Motivate and Amuse as True Inside Stories Come to Light.

Confessions of a Government Man

is released by author Alan L. Greenberg

Confessions of a Government Man: How to Succeed in any Bureaucracy mixes salty New York culture and a cast of characters worthy of Hollywood. Alan L. Greenberg’s often hilarious memoirs recount a successful career in which he dealt with a vast variety of influential people. On one hand there were members of congress, judges, military leaders and giants of industry. On the other hand he had to cope with community agitators, petty thieves, urban hustlers and garden variety con-men. With the authority to spend billions in taxpayer money, he was very popular with the construction industry and politicians who liked the spotlight. While navigating the currents of governmental work, some of the “bumps along the road” included having a curse put on him by a spiritual leader, seeing his work satirized on late-night TV and being detained at gunpoint by a judge. With examples from his own experience, the author aims to motivate those working in large organizations, as well as to entertain.

From accounts of his first day in government when he was welcomed less than cordially, to his retirement party which he likened to a mob funeral with the exception that the guest of honor was still alive, there is non-stop and often zany action. Tales include some slight of hand with a U.S. president and smoke and mirror money tricks. There are colorful quotes from surprising sources and the author pulls no punches when it comes to biting humor and solid advice for business and life. Along the way we meet eccentric lawyers, irrational judges, self-indulging politicians, trigger-happy law-and-order types and many more. On the risqué side there are also strippers, hookers and love triangles which threatened to blow up in an otherwise tranquil government office.

Alan L. Greenberg retired as the senior official in New York with the Public Buildings Service of the U.S. General Services Administration. In that capacity he had direct responsibility for some of the largest and most controversial federal construction projects in the country.

Confessions of a Government Man
Alan L. Greenberg
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-342-0
320 pages

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Book Synopsis

Confessions of a Government Man is filled with astute, often hilarious memoirs of Alan Greenberg’s thirty-nine year career with the U.S. General Services Administration. His real-life tales of deception and sleight-of-hand maneuvers in high government places include a cast of characters worthy of Hollywood.

A few of his stories are a bit risqué and some show that incisive philosophical advice sometimes comes from the most unlikely sources. Throughout we see plenty of salty New York culture. At various times Greenberg was threatened with arrest and contempt of court, detained at gunpoint by a judge, had an off-the-cuff wisecrack end up on national television, and even had a curse put on him by a spiritual leader. Through it all he maintained his sense of humor.

Greenberg gives us a true insider’s vantage point. With contracting authority for a stack of taxpayer money, which went into the billions and had the potential for providing a lot of lifetime meal tickets, it was little wonder that Greenberg was very popular with the construction industry and any politician with an eye for publicity.

Many of his stories give the reader insight into realities that media coverage somehow missed. Reporters, in their zeal to dig up dirt, often followed minutia while the true stories went unreported. One example was the $10 million “savings” to a project, which was actually a $40 million addition. Amazingly, nobody was the wiser.

Experience is the best teacher, and during his many years on the job, Alan Greenberg knew what it was like to be under siege by the media, the Congress, the White House and concerned citizens. He developed rules of survival that enabled him to be a success in the large, complex bureaucracy of our government. He shares these years with us, happily turning them into a delightful and entertaining romp.

Praise for Confessions of a Government Man

“Professor Parkinson would be proud. This book should be required reading in every business school. Solid lessons in business and life told in a most unique manner. Read the chapters in any sequence and the result is still the same – sound business logic with unforgettable memory joggers.
 - Barry Becher, Ginsu Knife Creator + co-author of The Wisdom of Ginsu

“Mr. Greenberg's keen insight and humor make this an indispensable guide for anyone trying to survive and flourish in a large organization.”
- Len Fried, Director of Manufacturing Excellence (Retired), IBM Microelectronics

“As our ‘big-ass suit’ author states...’they woke up on third base and thought they hit a triple.’ Mr. Greenberg hit a home run with this most entertaining book. Well done, kid from Brooklyn, and CONGRATULATIONS for allowing us plain folk to see what really goes on behind the scenes in our government with its Damon Runyonesque cast of characters.”
- Lew Duberman, CFO (Retired), Helene Curtis Industries, Inc.

Reader Comments



“Thoroughly enjoyable.” 

R.C. – Staten Island, NY


“You are a silver tongued devil. Great reading - from a non-government man.”

H.C. – Delray Beach, FL


“One of the great ‘tell all’ and funny books, I have ever read.”

N.S. – Sarasota, FL


“I’m reading it every night. (Spouse) hears me laughing and can't wait to read it.”

A.K. – East Highlands, CA


“Congratulations. I found it interesting. You have added a comical side which makes one smile and chuckle while reading. I would certainly tell others to read it. “

M.O. - Garden City, NY


“(Spouse) wants to know why I keep giggling.”

A.Z. Scottsdale, AZ


“Sitcom material”

A.H. – New York, NY


“Great! …..You always had a gift for comedic statements.”

W.J. – Lewes, DE


“Funny, but respectful and so on the money.”

P.F. – Brooklyn, NY


“It made my IBS more tolerable.”

J.R. – Fort Lee, NJ


“Thoroughly entertaining book. Once started, I could not put it down until I had finished.”

D.E. – Washington, D.C.


“It made me laugh a lot…..A great read for anyone who spent time in government employment.”

M.R. - Atlanta, Georgia


“I truly enjoyed your book and have advised others of its existence.”

M. V. - Boynton Beach, FL



“Great read….. funny and true. I can attest to several of the instances he describes in detail.”

T.W. – Starkville, MS